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We've Reclaimed Our Building!

We are so happy to announce that all of the flooring has been completed and that we were able to reclaim our building on January 23. A handful of helpful volunteers got the kitchen up and running to resume Meals on Wheels starting January 25.

It is such a luxury to be back in our own building, with new plumbing, new floors, and new paint. (However, we don’t want to miss an opportunity to express our gratitude to Pastor Morie Adams-Griffin and the United Methodist Church for giving us a temporary home during construction.)

As you can see from the photo, our return to the building is still far from finished. We have pictures to hang and furniture to place – typical tasks during any move. Once we get everything set, we will consider offering social dining for up to 8 people per meal. Because we are such a small group, we feel we would be able to do that safely.

We will keep you informed by email and Facebook when that happens. Once vaccines have been administered and the virus tamps down, we will be eager to invite the community to join us in celebration.

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