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Finding Ways to Stay Active

Our thanks to Jill Palmer, who researched and wrote this article. Finding ways to stay active is crucial if older adults are to stay in control of their physical and mental health, so seniors must maintain an active body and challenge the brain with stimulating and enjoyable activities. Here are some ways to get started. Stay in Motion A sedentary lifestyle can be dangerous for seniors because it quickly leads to physical infirmity and a general feeling of listlessness. Some form of regular physical exercise is very important. There are many easy, non-threatening ways to get the heart rate up and increase blood flow. Take a walk every day, either around the neighborhood or around the mall wi

Update on Stonehenge

A good number of our members, volunteers, and friends have been waiting to hear the announcement of a day tour to the Stonehenge Air Museum. Sadly, we will have to try again next summer. We just could not hire the appropriate size bus for an affordable fee. Sometimes, all the moving puzzle pieces just won’t come together. We will most certainly make another attempt in 2019.

Coming up! Holiday Bazaar

We will hold a “Holiday Bazaar 2018”. The date is yet to be determined, but we’re looking at a Saturday in late November or early December. The Bazaar will last only one day, for approximately five hours. Single or double spaces will be available at minimal cost. Vendor details will be posted on our Facebook page by October 22. Booth space is reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you have vendor questions, please call Kathy or Kim at 862-4923.

We did it! Thank you!

This was our first year participating in the Great Fish Challenge that is organized and run by the Whitefish Community Foundation. We are completely humbled and amazed by the power of this partnership. Our goal was to raise $7,500, and we did it. This means we will be eligible for matching funds when they are announced in October. It also means we will be eligible to participate again next year. THANK YOU to all who helped us achieve this goal through the Great Fish Challenge. We are grateful to each of our friends and supporters and look forward to telling you about the wonderful ways we put your gifts to good use.

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