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AARP Driver Course

The tourists are coming, which means that our streets and roads will become very busy throughout the summer. Schedule some time now to take the AARP driving course. You will learn: · Defensive driving techniques · New traffic laws · How to deal with aggressive drivers · How to use anti-lock brakes, air bags, and safety belts · How to deal with trucks and blind spots · How to deal with awkward left turns and rights of way · How to handle interstate freeway traffic If you have taken the course previously, good for you. Take it again – we could all stand to be reminded of best practices when behind the wheel. Do it for yourself, do it for your family and friends. The bonus? You may be eligible


Last month, we described two fraud schemes aimed at seniors – Medicare and obituaries. Here are the next two situations that may come your way. Be alert and be prepared. THE GRANDPARENT SCAM In this scenario, the caller often begins by saying something like “Hi Grandma/Grandpa, do you know who this is?” They are hoping you will guess the name of a grandchild. If you offer a name, the caller has just established a fake identity with the information you provided. Next they will usually ask for money to solve an unexpected financial problem such as overdue rent, a car accident, or a lost wallet or purse. They will make it sound urgent and ask you not to tell anyone. They will also need the mone

More Bingo! (Monday, May 13)

This photo was taken during our first Bingo day, back in March. We had a nice crowd and some good prizes! Our next session will be on Monday, May 13. We start promptly at 1:00 pm and finish at 2:00. If you wish to have lunch with us at 11:30 am, please call in advance to reserve your meal. As a reminder, your admission fee is $1. After that, you pay 10 cents per card – and you choose how many cards you want to play per round. Coffee, water, and snacks are provided. Bring a friend or two because the prizes get bigger as the number of players increases. Hope to see you there!

We want you!

We ask that you support Whitefish Community Center by becoming a member. As a nonprofit, we rely on membership fees to fund our operations. The annual membership cost is still only $10. If you are a past member, thank you! Our membership roll has seen a decline in renewals, so please call us if you have any doubt about your current status. A $10 membership provides you with a warm, welcoming space to visit, a cup of coffee or tea, and a pastry or other treat. You are welcome to come by yourself or bring some friends. Our hours are 9 am to 2 pm Monday thru Friday. Our furniture is comfortable and our WiFi is free. The membership also offers a Care Call Service designed for those who live alon

Whitefish Book Club

Whitefish Newcomers Club has numerous interest groups. One is a book club that meets every third Friday at 1:00 pm at Whitefish Community Center. For those who may be interested, here’s most of the 2019 book list. There are no dues for this club and you do not need to be a newcomer to Whitefish to participate. If you would like additional information, the contact person is Laura Snider at schmoopmo@gmail.com. Or you can check with Kathy at the Community Center; she can point you in the right direction.

April birthday buzz

On Tuesday, April 30, we will honor our April babies with a fabulous birthday party! Come join in the festivities! Lunch is served at 11:30, with birthday cake following at noon. If your birthday falls in April, your lunch is free! Don’t forget to RSVP to 862-4923.

Scam prevention!

We often hear about folks who have been tricked or swindled. They are robbed of their hard-earned money and their peace of mind. Over the next few months we will address various types of scams and what you can do to protect yourself. MEDICARE SCAM This is one of the many scams involving someone pretending to represent a government agency, a business, or a loved one in your family. They do this in a very convincing way. The scammer is pretending to work for Medicare. The caller says he needs to verify you bank account number to provide benefits, deposit funds into your account, or send you a new Medicare or prescription card. As with all scams, it might sound believable. The thieves say it is

Why it's better to be a member

As an organization that strives to be welcoming, Whitefish Community Center has never charged any fee for our health fitness classes, game day, knitting group, or book club. The good news is we are going to keep it that way. With one caveat: we are asking those who join us for these activities to become a member of the Center. Our membership is a very affordable $10 annually. Starting in May, we will be asking for a $4 fee for each activity you attend if you are not a member. The choice is yours. We hope you choose to become a member and invite a friend to join, as growth is necessary for our organization to thrive. Help us become a “better” Whitefish Community Center.

History buffs: live stream April 2

On Tuesday, April 2, at 2:10 pm, we will stream video directly from the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman. This program is titled “Silver City to Copper King” and will focus on the mining industry in the Butte area. It’s a classic tale of booms and busts, flourishing immigrant communities and tragic disasters. It’s the story of a tough and determined community created by strong-willed prospectors and wily copper kings who vied for power and wealth. The people of this time and place worked for long hours in dangerous settings, and they helped power the technological revolution of the United States.

Time for Bingo!

In March we had our first bingo event. Sherry, from The Springs, provided us with all the needed accessories and ran the game for us. Thirty players converged on our dining room with lots of smiles, and many were lucky in winning cash or door prizes. So now we are warmed up and ready to play again from 1pm to 2pm on Monday, April 8. The cost is $1 to get in the game and 10 cents per card. If you want to play multiple cards per game, bring along some extra change. Coffee, water, tea and treats are provided free of charge. Bring a friend or two; the more folks we have playing, the larger the cash prizes will be! Don’t be late. We need to start promptly at 1pm to get in all the games we have on

Thoughts on being a peaceful elder

Sanford Horowitz will share with us his opinion of aging gracefully and spiritually. His book, Life at 70, Pedal to the Medal, is a layman’s look at what makes us tick. It encourages us to drop our barriers to happiness, which some of us have carried around for years. He will speak of God, but not in the defined sense of Methodist God, Catholic God, Baptist God or other organized religion. He will refer to a sense of a higher power but not in terms of an Eastern or Western religion. Sanford will share his thoughts on the privileges and pitfalls of becoming an elder, but mostly the privileges. For those who are interested, his book may be purchased before you leave. His presentation begins at

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