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September Birthdays!

Scarlett Spivey: September 5 Don Stolte: September 7 Karen Morrell: September 10 Blanche Goodman: September 13 Lenore Jorgensen: September 14 Willo Harris: September 16 Suzanne Mees: September 17 Karen Stanley: September 18 Rebecca Scoggins: September 23 Jacque Harris: September 30

We are Halfway in the Challenge!

We intend to be a winner! And there are lots and lots of them in the Great Fish Challenge. We have not yet met our goal, but so far we have received $7,543 in donations. That may sound like a lot, but every penny counts because we have lost all our rental income due to Covid-19. If you are proud of the work we do for Meals on Wheels, please support us through the Great Fish Challenge. In July of this year, we delivered over 1,000 meals to individuals. Just in Whitefish! It was our highest number ever, and we expect to exceed that in August. To learn more about the Great Fish Challenge, contact us at 406-862-4923 or the Whitefish Community Foundation at 406-863-1781. Remember, if you dona

Beware of Covid-19 Scams!

As we are all aware, there is no shortage of unscrupulous people that may attempt to do us harm. During a pandemic, sadly, is when they feel emboldened to cash in on our uncertainty. Do not let it happen to you! “Contract Tracing” is a real thing. During this pandemic, many health departments and government agencies are hiring additional staff just to locate those who have been in physical contact with a person known to be carrying the virus. When a person tests positive for Covid-19, the agency ungently wants to know with whom they have been in contact during the previous 10 days. Getting these contacts into self-quarantine is the best way to stop clusters of infection. So, you may get a ca

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