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We are Halfway in the Challenge!

We intend to be a winner! And there are lots and lots of them in the Great Fish Challenge.

We have not yet met our goal, but so far we have received $7,543 in donations. That may sound like a lot, but every penny counts because we have lost all our rental income due to Covid-19.

If you are proud of the work we do for Meals on Wheels, please support us through the Great Fish Challenge. In July of this year, we delivered over 1,000 meals to individuals. Just in Whitefish! It was our highest number ever, and we expect to exceed that in August.

To learn more about the Great Fish Challenge, contact us at 406-862-4923 or the Whitefish Community Foundation at 406-863-1781.

Remember, if you donate to the Whitefish Community Center through the Great Fish Challenge, your donation will be matched up to 50% and thus increased. Your check must be made out to the Whitefish Community Foundation, and the donation form must indicate that you wish to support the Whitefish Community Center.

If it sounds confusing, call us at 406-862-4923 and we’ll help. Or, stop by the Whitefish Community Center on Sept 3. We are organizing a pop-up donation station outside the building with free Hawaiian Shaved Ice for everyone!

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