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Great Fish Community Challenge - Special Edition Newsletter 3/5 August 25th, 2023

Great Fish Community Challenge

Special Edition Newsletter 3/5 August 25th, 2023

Great Fish On Air at KGEZ

We are two weeks into the Great Fish Community Challenge and we have already raised over $10,000 which makes us eligible for a contribution from the matching fund. Thanks to everyone who got us to this milestone <3

But we still have a long way to go to reach our goal of $50,000 and greatly appreciate your support to reach it. TODAY is a great day to donate to us!

Tune in on KGEZ today and hear all about the 78 non-profit organizations that make a difference in this valley! Katja will be live on air around 10.25-10.35am.

This is a great day to donate to us because your contribution of $100 or more during the broadcast between 7am and 2pm - online, in person at First Interstate Bank in Kalispell or dropping off by the Whitefish Community Foundation - makes us eligible for one of 10 incentive grants of $250. Thank you for your support!

Senior Outing to Bibler Gardens

Oh what fun was had! Our senior outing yesterday to Bibler Gardens was breathtakingly amazing. A huge thank you to the Bibler Garden crew who took care of us and accommodated everyone’s needs. We all had a fabulous time

Wednesday Evening Local Author Series: Jess Owen - August 30, 2023, 5:30 pm - 6.30 pm

Please join us next Wednesday, August 30th at 5.30pm for our last part of our Wednesday Evening Series with our favorite local authors.

Come hear Jess Owen read from her new book “Don't ask me if I am doing okay” and answer the audience’s questions.

Book Synopsis:

Heartfelt and bittersweet, this coming-of-age story explores the tender space of healing where grief meets love.

A year ago, Gage survived a car accident that killed his best friend, Hunter. Without the person who always brought out the best in him, Gage doesn’t know who he is. He likes working as a fry cook and loves his small-town friends and family, but they weren’t in the wreck and he can’t tell them how much he’s still hurting. He just wants to forget all his pain and move on.

So when his stepdad shows him a dream job opening in one of his idol’s restaurants, Gage knows this is his chance to convince everyone and himself that he’s fine. To try to push past his grief once and for all, Gage applies for the job, asks out a crush, and volunteers to host a memorial for Hunter.

But the more Gage tries to ignore his grief, the more volatile it becomes.

When his temper finally turns on the people he loves, Gage must decide what real strength is―holding in his grief until it destroys him, or asking for help and revealing his broken heart for all to see.

King Tut - Thursday, August 31st, 2023 at 2pm

Travel back to 2600 BC, when Egyptian Pharaoh’s first began pyramid building. They created a pictorial language that was recorded on papyrus..... the world's first paper. You will be guided with an audiovisual presentation and stories to make those times come alive. The presentation is about one hour and the first of a monthly series at the Community Center.

A nutritious meal at WCC every weekday

Elizabeth Myers is our most regular regular. She comes and eats lunch with us pretty much every weekday and has done so for many, many years. She enjoys her cup of tea when she gets here, checks in with everyone and loves sitting and chatting with her friend Carol. She is enthusiastic about doing a craft during our SeniorWednesday but not so keen on playing games. Elizabeth, we love having you here. The Center would not be the same without you!

The Great Fish Community Challenge is happening now. Please donate to the Whitefish Community Center to allow us to continue to offer connect and gather at the Whitefish Community Center. We appreciate your support!

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Hi, my name is Katja Schalbetter, I am the Director here at the Whitefish Community Center. Over the past 10 months, I have had the honor and pleasure of working for all the people that make the Community Center so special. Their enthusiasm for this community as a whole and the Center in particular, their laughter, their stories, their worries, and sometimes tears have touched my heart deeply. This is, hands down, the most rewarding job I have ever had.

Please join me over the next few weeks as I share - with their permission - the stories of the people of the Whitefish Community Center and give you a peek behind the scenes and show you what makes our world here go around and around.

Follow us on Facebook or Instagram!

Come see me at the Whitefish Community Center any weekday between 9am and 2pm.

I happily give you a tour and tell you all about the latest activities of ours!

💕 Katja

Katja Schalbetter

Director of Operations

Whitefish Community Center

121 East 2nd Street

Whitefish, MT 59937

call: (406) 862-4923


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