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WCC Book Club reading list for 2023

The WCC Book Club welcomes new members at any time. Read the book and show up before 1pm every third Friday of the month and be prepared to share your thoughts! Never been part of a book club before? No worries. We are a friendly, congenial group and easy to become a part of. Each month one of our members volunteers to lead and direct our discussion.

2023 Reading list:

January: Naked Lies the Truth by Michael Nicholas

February: Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

March: Red Notice by Bill Browser

April: The Last Green Valley by Mark Sullivan

May: From Strength to Strength by Arthur Brooks

June: Grizzly Years by Doug Peacock

July: Rosie Project by Greaeme Samson

August: Dinner with Ruth by Nina Totenberg

September: Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin W. Kimberley

October: Horse by Gerladine Brooks

November: Radium Girls by Kate Moore

December: Phantom of 5th Avenue by Meryl Gordon


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