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Here comes our reopening!

We don’t have a SPECIFIC date yet for our Community Center to reopen. We still depend on the directives of our governor, Steve Bullock. However, we have been preparing and planning for when it happens, and we can tell you now about a few things that will change.

  • We will be sanitizing surfaces that are commonly touched, multiple times a day. For instance, door handles and faucet handles in the restrooms, the main building, and the kitchen.

  • We have a new “floor standing” hand sanitizer dispenser that will greet you as you enter through the front door. We hope to get another dispenser for the side door/activity room.

  • At our self-service coffee and snack bar, all the snacks will be individually wrapped and beverages will no longer be self-serve – we’ll bring them to you.

  • Seating (except for family units) will place folks 6 feet apart.

  • Our noon meal will be served on disposable plates with disposable eating utensils. All condiments, including salt and pepper, will come in individual packets. We ask that at the conclusion of your meal you personally dispose of the plates, napkins, etc.

Once Phase 3 has been announced, we expect to resume our yoga, tai chi, and senior fitness classes. We believe that the number of folks ready to resume classes will be slightly less than the pre-Covid turnout. This should allow us to physically distance in the desired manner. These are the transitional changes we propose. Transitional is the operative word. We do not intend these changes to be permanent.

We are so eager to see you in-person! It has been a long time in coming, and we truly want to host you again for meals, exercise, and other programs.

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