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Membership benefits

Did you know that WCC offers a lifetime membership? Our annual membership is $10; our lifetime membership is $100.

Like so many other things, this lifetime membership is set to increase in price. We all know why: the price of water, power, communication services, and other costs of doing business are on the rise. So, as of 2020, the lifetime price will go to $200. The good news is this: buy a lifetime membership before the end of 2019 and get yourself a great deal.

What do you get from a membership?

· Free weekly health and fitness classes

· Complimentary coffee and snacks from 9 am to 2 pm every day

· Free use of our Wi-Fi and comfortable seating areas

· Complimentary CARE call program

· Free birthday lunch

· Invitations to our special events

· Access to our groups, such as book club, knitting group, game day, etc.

· A wonderful location next to Whitefish River and Kay Beller Park

· 10% discount when you rent our facility

· Our monthly newsletter, delivered by mail or email

You can also gift a membership to a friend or family member! See Kathy or Rhonda for details.

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