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Cancellation Alert!

Activities will be discontinued at the Center until December 11 due to the remodel that is currently underway. This includes all classes, game days, and congregate meals served at the Center except for Tuesday yoga, which will continue (they agreed to using porta potties).

Our restrooms are being updated and our front door is being reconfigured to meet ADA standards. We are also installing a new water heater, which means that we will be without hot water some days and without ANY water on others.

Meals on Wheels will continue. Volunteers who help in the kitchen and drivers who deliver meals will not be impacted by the construction. Clients may receive a frozen meal for the one or two days when we have no water in the building.

Site Managers will be there daily to answer phones and supervise Meals on Wheels.

Construction to our west is not part of our remodel project. It is a new three-story, mixed-use building housing residential and commercial spaces.

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