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Welcome, September!

Oh! Aren’t we all excited for September to settle in? Cooler temps; declining wildfires; less busyness in town and the eventual changing of colors on the mountains and in our yards! What a welcome arrival!

Activities at Whitefish Community Center are picking up! Please check the calendar to see what’s happening! Remember that the center is available to rent for gatherings and meetings. Our membership/rental committee has revamped the rental program and a business membership option has been added. These changes were made to enable the center to offer the community more options for renting the facility. Please take a minute to check out the new rates and memberships!

Speaking of memberships — due to the Covid shutdown and the 3-month building repairs, it was very difficult to keep up with 2021 membership renewals. We are making a one-time offer of 2 years for the price of 1! If you pay your dues anytime in 2021 you will receive a 2022 membership free! We appreciate all of our current and former members, and we want to make sure each and every person who would like to be a member has that opportunity!

Remember that the center is open each weekday at 11:30 for lunch. Please give us a call a day in advance if you would like to join us! 862-4923. Coffee and treats available daily. Bring a friend! Daily lunch is $4.00/senior and $6.00/non-senior.

Happy September!


-Membership prices-

Senior (60+) -$10/year (2022 free if renew or join in 2021) OR $200/Lifetime

Non-senior (under 60) -$75/year.

Both of these memberships offer free fitness classes. 20% of building rental and 50% off special event prices.

-Business Memberships-

$50/year. Includes 20% off building rental for non-sales event

Option for advertising in monthly newsletter for $25/business card sized ad

-Rental Fees-

$30/hour for meetings.

Required deposit of 50% of rental price. (Will be returned when center has been inspected after use)

$10/hour non-profit rate (with proof of IRS non-profit designation)

$50/hour for events (receptions, parties, dinners)


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