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Thank you, Great Fish!

The Great Fish Challenge came to a close on Friday, September 17.

The amount graciously donated to the Whitefish Community Center was $26,946.84. We are thankful for each and every donation made to us.

The funds raised will help us maintain and expand our community outreach through the Meals on Wheels program and to increase the senior citizen activities and program growth. A portion of it will support operating costs for the Center.

We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Whitefish Community Foundation for organizing and implementing this community project. The matching amount received from the Foundation was $11,200. We want everyone to know that the people at the Foundation work tirelessly to make this six-week campaign successful for all the participating nonprofits. Everyone at the Whitefish Community Center sends a sincere thanks to the Foundation for the support they provide to our community during this annual summer fundraising effort.


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