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Road Trip!

At long last, we are offering a day trip to the beloved Stonehenge Air Museum near Fortine. We will visit the Air Museum and the Stonehenge replica at the same location.

This museum is home to over 2 dozen vintage aircraft. By preserving the history of these aircraft, the museum hopes to increase the public’s appreciation and understanding of the history of aviation.

Our capacity for this outing is 27 persons. Lunch or brown bag is your option. Those who choose not to buy a lunch are welcome to bring a brown bag. The provided lunch stop will be at either Jerry’s Saloon or Trego Pub, where there will be a seating area for those carrying their lunch.

Please be advised we cannot accommodate those sensitive to extreme heat weather conditions (should they arise), nor can we accommodate those with extreme mobility issues. We hope to have a smaller, accessible excursion to the Air Museum in the fall.

Your reservation can be made in person at the Whitefish Community, with payment by cash or check. To make a reservation using your credit card, please be directed to the last tab on our website,


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