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Both Kathy and Michelle have decided to retire. As you know, Rhonda Fisher and Jana Steck have taken on the task of co-site managers, and that means we must bid the fondest of farewells to Kathy and Michelle.

To Folks Near and Dear,

Wow, kind of hard to believe it was way back in the summer of 2012 that I joined the Whitefish Community Center as a Site Manager. I must tell you I certainly have enjoyed my time. I can honestly say I woke up in the mornings, glad to know I was headed to work at the Community Center. What is the attraction you ask? The people! They include wonderful volunteers, terrific members, dedicated board trustees, and a wide range of drop-ins. The mission! This includes Meals on Wheels, exercise classes, special programs, day trips, fundraising, and answering tons of questions. No two days were ever identical.

At the tender age of 70, I decided it was time to pass the baton to more energetic and efficient young people. The Community Center will always have a soft place in my heart and I plan to be back as a volunteer. Thanks to the friends I have made and for the memories you have given me!

Happy Trails, Kathy


As I slowly slide into my next life (retirement), I want to thank the Board of Directors of Whitefish Community Center for their constant help, encouragement and appreciation while I was co-site manager. Many dedicated people from our community keep the ship upright and moving ahead! It has been my pleasure to be part of such a wonderful organization. You may see me around town volunteering more and enjoying a quieter life, although I have years’ worth of catching up at home!

Peace! Michelle


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