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The Challenge Has Begun!

We missed last year’s Great Fish Community Challenge due to the uncertainty of our future caused by damage to our building from neighboring construction. We are now confident that repairs will be made, so we are eager to proceed with fundraising and the fun of being part of the Great Fish Challenge.

For those of you not familiar with the annual Challenge, it raises funds for nonprofit organizations based in the Flathead Valley. This year, 55 organizations have signed up, and most are based in Whitefish. ALL donations must be made during the six-week campaign (none before or after) that started on July 30. So we are gearing up for the scramble to fundraise during that specific window of time.

During the course of the campaign, you will see our volunteers, staff, and board members sporting t-shirts that support the campaign. If you would like to purchase one of your own, please stop by the Community Center with $10.00.

The Great Fish Community Challenge will look different this year due to social distancing requirements. The Color Run has been canceled, but the Whitefish Community Foundation will have popup canopies around town, around which in-person community participation will be centered!

We want to again thank those who donated to the Whitefish Community Center through the 2018 campaign and hope you will remember us again!

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