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Games for Seniors

Are you 50 or over? Is there a sport you truly enjoy playing?

If so, consider the Huntsman World Senior Games as a possible active vacation next October! You would be spending 4 to 7 days in beautiful St. George, Utah.

There are team sports such a soccer, softball, and volleyball. There are individual sports such as track and field, pickleball, tennis, horseshoes, archery, cycling, golf, and swimming. The age brackets start at 50-54 and continue on to 100+.

You will have a great time meeting other athletes from around the world while you participate in a sport you love. As an athlete, you are offered health screenings reserved exclusively for you. These screenings include aerobic fitness, balance, blood pressure, blood glucose, cognitive wellness, grip strength, and eight others. And, they are free!

The fun factor and wow factor are enhanced by Opening and Closing Ceremonies for the Games.

Open registration runs January through August every year. The games take place over a two-week period in October. The three guiding principles of this event are Peace, Health, and Friendship.

Find more information, look up their webpage or speak with Kathy at Whitefish Community Center.

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