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May Day baskets

Last April 30, after our monthly birthday party, we hosted a craft session creating May baskets. We had a wide assortment of paper, glue, tape, scrapbook paper, wallpaper, glitter, scissors, staplers, and decorative writing pens. We created a flower basket for every person on our Meals-On-Wheels routes. When May 1 arrived, each basket was filled with fresh flowers. When mealtime rolled around, our delivery drivers had the pleasure of providing fresh flowers with each meal. The response was wonderful. Our clients were very appreciative of their “May Day” surprise. For many, it was a memory from their childhood.

We are thankful for the volunteers that stepped up to help make sure our Meals on Wheels folks got a good old-fashioned May basket. If you want to help make baskets next year, mark your calendar for Thursday, April 30, 2020.

So you know, those happy, helpful crafters were none other than our volunteers Lois Schwegel, Val Talbot, and Leslie Rogers!

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