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Scam prevention!

We often hear about folks who have been tricked or swindled. They are robbed of their hard-earned money and their peace of mind. Over the next few months we will address various types of scams and what you can do to protect yourself.


This is one of the many scams involving someone pretending to represent a government agency, a business, or a loved one in your family. They do this in a very convincing way. The scammer is pretending to work for Medicare. The caller says he needs to verify you bank account number to provide benefits, deposit funds into your account, or send you a new Medicare or prescription card. As with all scams, it might sound believable. The thieves say it is an urgent matter, but not only can they take your money, they can also take your identity!


Keep your personal information in a safe place. Do not give out your information over the phone, internet, or to anyone who comes to your home uninvited. Give personal information only to doctors or other Medicare-approved providers. If you are under a doctor’s care, they will already have that information and will not be asking for it again.


Scammers will read obituaries, attend the funeral, or even call the grieving widow or widower just to take advantage of them. They will claim the deceased had an outstanding debt with them and pressure relatives to settle it!


Carefully scrutinize bills received after a loved one’s passing. Check the date on the invoice and the date of service and question any bills for services rendered after the date of death. Call local law enforcement if someone is threatening or harassing you.

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