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Call to history buffs

The Museum of the Rockies wants all Montana adult communities to be able to engage with museum professionals, so it is bringing the museum to us. This is a free live-stream event. The Museum of the Rockies has partnered with an organization called “Live Living Network,” which provides the programming. We will initially offer three program selections, one per month.

Join us as Montana history comes to life in our theatre-style smart TV room. Lifelong learning now has a local venue. Please help us spread the word.

The first show will air on Friday, March 1, at 2:10 pm, at Whitefish Community Center: “Big Teams in the Big Sky.”

Before the advent of the tractor, farmers and ranchers in Big Sky Country relied on true horsepower to till the soil and harvest crops. Join us for a discussion of how humans and their animals worked together to make the northern plains one of the world’s greatest grain- and hay-producing regions.

The April program will be “Silver City to Copper Kingdom.”

The May program will be “Crow Fair.”

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