We're In! So, please support us!

This is our first year participating in the fundraising competition designed and operated by the Whitefish Community Foundation. The kick-off party which started the event took place at The Wave on July 26. For those who were unable to attend the festivities, here are a few things you should know.

The fundraiser and your opportunity to donate to The Great Fish Community Challenge ends on September 14. Time flies, especially in the summer. Don’t forget to donate before the deadline.

Make your donation to the Whitefish Community Foundation, indicating that your donation is for Whitefish Community Center. The official form that should accompany your donation is available at the Center, the Whitefish Community Foundation, or on-line at the Great Fish Community Challenge’s website. Plus, Whitefish Community Center is happy to mail or e-mail the form to you.

Why is this such an awesome way to donate? Because at the end of the fundraising period, a percentage of matching funds will be awarded to the participating charitable organizations. That means the donation you make to Whitefish Community Center will grow to an amount larger than your actual donation! How cool is that?

Donations large and small are welcome. Please join in and make this an incredible summer for our community and for Whitefish Community Center. Thank You.

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