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Book Club News

Book Club meets at WCC the third Friday of each month. Come join us to meet great people and discuss the Book of the Month from 1 to 3 pm. Never been part of a book club before? No worries. We are a friendly, congenial group that you can easily feel part of.

Each month a volunteer hostess provides snacks and a volunteer leader directs our discussion. The “operative” word is volunteer. Come join us!

November 16: Pioneer Doctor by Mari Grana. When Mollie Babcock stepped off the train in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1890, she knew she had to start a new life. She'd left her husband and their medical practice in Iowa, and with only a few hundred dollars in her pocket and a great deal of pride, she set out to find a new position as a physician. She was offered a job as doctor to the miners in Bannack, Montana, and thus began her epic adventures in the Rocky Mountain West.

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