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Membership Brings Privileges

Did you know that as a member of Whitefish Community Center you can participate in the “Care Call Reassurance” program for free?

This is a once-daily call that comes to your land line or your cell phone to check on your well-being. You respond to the call by answering the phone and pressing a requested number. If you fail to respond, a neighbor or family member that you have chosen will be contacted.

It can be arranged to fit your daily schedule - you choose the time of day to receive the call - and it can be turned off or on at your request. We handle the application and management at Whitefish Community Center.

This service is not a pendant you wear around your neck. It does not contact police, fire, or ambulance. If you are interested in more information, call us at 862-4923.

Most of you reading our newsletter are members of Whitefish Community Center. Have you renewed your membership for 2018? It is still a bargain at only $10 per year per person!

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